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Diamond Dolls

Sponsor:  Kathleen Brooks
  • The LCHS Diamond Dolls are comprised of a group of 25 girls who volunteer during baseball season.
  • LCHS Diamond Doll Signups occur each fall semester. Prospective Diamond Dolls must sign-up, as well as complete a test in order to tryout.
Group Photo
                   Pictured above: 2018-2019 LCHS Diamond Dolls
  • Diamond Doll Character:
    • Display a good attitude and willingness to serve
    • Maintain a good work ethic and sense of responsibility
    • Show integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness
  • Diamond Doll Duties:
    • Work the concession stand windows at a few of the baseball games.
    • Participate in the selling of tickets and working of baseball fundraisers.
    • Help organize treats for baseball team or individual players.
    • Serve in any other way that the LC Diamond Club requests.