Student Dress Code for 2023 - 2024

2023 – 2024 Student Dress Code 


Changes are highlighted.  I've added some explanations/expectations in red. If you have questions about the dress code please call the school for information. 


The LCSD strives to present a school climate that supports a professional and respectful learning environment. The personal appearance of all students should follow the guidelines of cleanliness, neatness, and appropriateness for school. Just as an adult is required to maintain a certain level of appearance at their place of employment, our students are required to follow dress code regulations during school hours. 

Tops/ Shirts 

  • Short or Long sleeve polo, T shirt, or oxford shirt 
  • All tops/shirts must be waist length or longer (NO crop tops)  (We should not see your belly.)
  • No tight fitting or oversized shirts will be allowed 
  • No sleeveless shirts or tank tops 
  • No inappropriate, vulgar, racial, or gang related designs or logos (Remember you also cannot wear anything promoting weapons or illegal substances.)


  • Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, or capris (no holes or rips above the knee
  • Must be worn at natural waistline (no sagging) 
  • No tight fitting or oversized bottoms (Tights, leggings, and oversized sweat pants will not be allowed.)
  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers, and dresses must be within 2 inches above the  knee or longer 

Sweatshirts, hoodies, or sweaters 

  • Must fit same guidelines as described in Tops/Shirts 
  • Must be waist length or longer 
  • NO hoods worn inside building (Students who wear hoods in the building can loose the privilege of wearing a hoodie.)

Jackets or Heavy Coats 

  • No dusters/long/trench type coats 
  • School sponsored letter jackets are allowed 
  • Must be waist length or longer 


  • Low heels 
  • Laced, tied, fastened appropriately 
  • No platforms, flip flops, house slippers, shoe skates, cleated shoes, croc style shoes, or sliders 
  • All shoes must have closed heel or properly secured strap (Sandals are permitted, but they must be secured in the back - no slides or bubble shoes.)


  • No bandanas (Bandanas will be confiscated if they are worn.)
  • No blankets 
  • No sunglasses, hats, caps, or other headgear (example: head wraps, wave caps, picks, etc.) worn indoors 
  • Belts, if worn, shall be buckled. No over-sized belt buckles or studded belts may be worn. 
  • Students in grades 5-12 must have clear or see through (mesh or clear plastic) backpacks/book sacks. (This will be enforced this year.) 
  • Tattoos or other body markings deemed inappropriate, vulgar, or gang related  must be covered at all times 


Note: It is virtually impossible to write a regulation which will adequately cover every detail of  appropriate dress. Therefore, it is necessary for the administrator of each school to make judgements as to whether a student is properly dressed. In order to focus on educational pursuits, the LCSD will attempt to eliminate as much confusion as possible. Violations of the Student Dress Code will result in Class I Disciplinary Action.